Classification of popular blenders on the market

Blender not only creates delicious and nutritious drinks but also gives us a lot of utility for the kitchen.

Today, housewives have become accustomed to using blenders for the work of the family. Not only can you make fruit juices for the smoothies, but it also has many other convenient functions such as meat grinding, grinding fish, grinding nuts, grinding vegetables, squeezing oranges, whipping cream , soybeans, …

Each family depends on many factors that need to use their own blender. Therefore, there are many types of grinders that are designed for convenience. And to choose the best blender that suits your family, we need to know and classify the most popular blenders on the market as well as the basic features of each grinder. there.

Blenders are classified into three main categories: multifunction blender, hand blender and blender, wet and dry. In these three types, the wet and dry blender is the most commonly used and commercially available, with a set of two to three miller grinders. Handheld portable organizer is compact, can carry if you go to play far and also can make cream cake. The versatile blender not only grinds the juice, but can also be blended with a variety of other foods with a variety of blades that are suitable for the machine.

1. Dry, wet blender
Most commonly used with two basic features: dry grinding and wet grinding. A blender kit consists of two parts: a base and a mill. Common milling machine consists of two types of mill for the user to change:
Measuring 1-2 liters for blending (blending with water)
Smaller grinders can be used to grind dry meats such as meat, cereal, grits, etc.
Accessories included: Body, mill, blade, measuring cup lid, chopsticks.
The machine is designed from 2-3 fast switch speed to adjust the fineness of the product. Stainless steel or stainless steel blades, glass or plastic containers, resistant to heat. Some types are also designed lock function for safety users, circuit protection automatically overload when overload.

The single function wet grinder is easy to use for the purpose of grinding or pressing fruit conveniently with moderate power, not too high a price.

These machines are especially rich in brand names with origins from various countries ranging from joint ventures to genuine ones. Prices range from 400,000 VND to over 1 million VND per product, with a warranty period of 12-24 months.

2. Multifunction blender
Multifunctional blenders are equipped with many functions such as juice press, orange juice, egg whisk … Each feature of the machine will have a different mill and grinder, when we use the feature, will have to fit the knife and knife of that feature – very convenient and neat.
Multipurpose milling machines can be equipped with many features for the vitamins, meet the needs for the whole family with accessories, stainless steel filter to grind the seeds such as soybeans, vegetables mother.

The machine also has an Auto Clean function, which makes it easy to clean the mill and blade after use. Just pour some water into the mill and press the button, the machine will automatically roll over the food still sticking under the mortar for cleaning, no need to disassemble or clean hands.

At present, the market has also appeared many products of multi-purpose blenders originated from many reputable companies to serve the diverse needs of consumers. Most versatile machines have a safety system that automatically shuts off when something goes wrong. The machine allows users to grind and press vitamins at the same time on the same machine platform.

3. Handheld blender

Compact, convenient to use, portable blenders are increasingly popular. Functional juices, soybeans, cereals, egg whites are made simple when assembled with support devices designed by individual parts.

Using a hand-held blender, the food is not only finer, more convenient to move, but also the user can adjust the speed as you want, especially cleaning machine is very easy.
Hand grinders usually have only one fruit grinding function, with two main parts being the machine body and the blade. Compact design, very convenient to move. Cleaned quickly by immersing the blender jar in the water, pressing the blender button two or three times, each time for 3 seconds, the water force with the machine will echip the remaining food. back inside the blade.

Handy blender with two cutting edges for horizontal and vertical operation. The function of the machine allows to puree and make milkshake, porridge or soup easily. You can also change the accessories to grind meat, beat eggs and cream. Machine is suitable for families with old people, young children, always need smooth and pure food. In addition, the user can replace the bowl of the blender with the bowl, cup or any other items to keep the vitamins to match.

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