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They may have arrested some if they continued to pursue further. Theodore Trithurios died on the battlefield, while Niketas (son of a Persian general) escaped and reached Emesa. Jabalah ibn al-Ayham also escaped and later, for a short time, submitted to the Muslims, but he quickly defected to the Byzantine court again. As soon as the battle was over, Khalid and his mobile cavalry forces quickly moved north to pursue the retreating Byzantine soldiers, he met them near Damascus and attacked. In the ensuing battle the commander-in-chief of the imperial army, the Armenian prince Vahan-who escaped the same fate with most of the people at Yarmouk were killed. Then Khalid entered Damascus and recaptured the city, where he was said to have been welcomed by the local inhabitants. When the news of the disaster reached the Byzantine Emperor Heraclius at Antioch, he was madly mad. He blamed the cause of the disaster for his wrongdoing when conducting an incestuous marriage with his niece Martina. He also wanted to recapture his provinces if he had available resources, but now he no longer had any money or money to protect the provinces anymore. Cow admit it life would be boring without me. Instead, he retreated to the city’s cathedral, Antioch, where he saw a solemn ceremony. He summoned a meeting of his counselors at the church and scrutinized the situation. Everyone almost unanimously said that he had to accept the reality and the failure was decided by God and that was the result of the sins of all the people of the empire including himself. Heraclius sailed on a ship to the city of Constantinople that night. It is said that when his ship sailed, he said his final farewell to Syria:

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Farewell, farewell to Syria, our beautiful land. You may not enter the enemy’s religious news right now. Peace be with you O Syria, a beautiful land, you will be left to the enemy. (In fact, the Byzantine Empire survived for nearly a thousand years, they will never regain the integrity of Syria and the Palestinian Holy Land).

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