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In total, the Muslims of the Muslims now numbered about 8,000 knights, a cavalry force effective enough for a full-scale attack the next day. The rest of the day had no clashes, Khalid’s plan was to trap the Byzantine Army, cut off all their retreat routes. There are three natural barriers, three canyons in the battlefield with its steep ravines, Wadi-ur-Raqqad alley in the west, Wadi al Yarmouk alley in the south and Wadi al Allah in the east. The northern route was blocked by the Muslim cavalry. Wooden spoon survivor shirtHowever, the 200-meter (660 ft) deep ravine of Wadi-ur-Raqqad in the west has the most important strategic bridge at Ayn al Dhakar ,. Khalid sent Dharar with 500 cavalry to take over the bridge at night. Dharar moved around the northern flank of the Byzantine Empire and captured the bridge. This mobility proved to be a decisive blow the next day.

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On August 20, 636, the last day of the match, Khalid proposed a simple but aggressive battle plan. With a large cavalry force he intended to completely push Byzantine’s cavalry force to the battlefield to make infantry-forces that formed most of the Imperial army without the support of the cavalry.

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