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Napoleone Bragagnolo, an experimental pilot for Aeritalia, landed at Ciampino, Roma, after 19 minutes and 30 seconds since taking off from Turin. Baby Pikachu and Deadpool shirt. During this flight, the aircraft carried two additional fuel tanks, rising 15 km (49,213 ft) and accelerating to Mach 2. The aircraft still had 1,300 l (290 imp gal; 340 US gal) of fuel after landing; enough to reach Palermo with subsonic speed. The average speed in flight is Mach 1.5. Even with the new Starfighter, the loss rate is high, peaking in 1973 and 1975 (10 F-104s of all versions of AMI were lost while operating). By 1997, Italy had lost 137 (38%) of the F-104 of the total flight time of 928,000 hours (average loss of 14.7 for 100,000 hours). Although this rate has decreased in the 1980s (33 units from 1981-1990), the debate about the reliability of the F-104 has often been fierce on the mass media. In the 1980s, the loss rate was reduced, even more than in the 1990s, when all the older versions (except TF-104) were removed. The last Italian F-104 stopped operating in 2004, the F-104 flew about 1 million flight hours in 40 years of service.

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