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Long before I ever dreamed of becoming a pastor (or even of being a Christian!) I took a class in public speaking. It was in that class that I learned “the Communicator’s Formula”. It says: “Tell them what you are going to say, tell them what you want to say, then tell them what you said”. Blessed to be called nana jesus shirt That is very good advice indeed and it has served me well now for nearly forty years. A few years later, as a student of biblical theology, I was intrigued by a pattern in Scripture sometimes identified with the words “Prophecy”, “Fact” and “Interpretation”. It underscores the reality that all through the progress of revelation, God has alerted us beforehand to what He is planning to do through the phenomenon of prophecy.

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He then acted redemptively in salvation history, and finally explained (after the event) the significance of what He has done. In fact, in a rather simplistic way, one could look at the whole Bible through this interpretive grid and successfully summarize its contents. The Old Testament is full of prophecy and types that tell us in advance about what God is going to do to redeem the world. The Gospels record for us the facts regarding the invasion of human history by the God-man and the sacrifice that He made on our behalf. Finally the Epistles explain the meaning of the cross and resurrection and help us to understand both what God did in the person of Jesus and what it means to us who are the objects of His redeeming love.

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