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If he was foolish enough to ask her to be the lady of storms end, then he doesn’t understand her or really knows who she is. Thus, it’s not her he loves, but an idea of her that he’s built in his mind. Arya Stark Air Jordan Logo. It kind of makes me wonder if maybe he had worded it a little bit differently, she might have said yes. If he had gone as far as to point out that he’s not a lord, and she’s not a lady so they would be perfect for each other, I feel like she probably would have said yes. Stayed true to herself, she told Ned when she was a child that being the wife of a lord was not her, fascinated to know how Arya’s path will play out, love her character.

Arya Stark Air Jordan Logo shirt

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I think if he’d said “Let me be your family” instead of “Be the Lady of Storm’s End” this conversation could’ve taken a turn for the better. We all knew Arya won’t ever settle down as a Lady of a noble house (it’s been retconned once or twice now) , and all Gendry wanted was to have a family so I ain’t giving my hopes up on these two yet, at least on the books. This was to parallel the Robert/Lyanna storyline. A Baratheon lord who loved the idea of a Stark lady but didn’t really know her. When Arya said, that isn’t me, it was effectively stopping the past from repeating itself. Although, if they had gotten married, that would have put a huge wrench in Dany’s plan for Gendry as an ally. He’d be tied to the Starks as well. I think Arya does really love him, but being the Lady of Storms End is not who she is. Plus she’s got plans that she doesn’t think she will survive, I think she was protecting him.

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